Mikhail Marutaev
Composer and the scientist, Member of the Moscow Composers' Union,
Honored Art Worker of Russia.

The Creative Biography

Mikhail Alexandrovich Marutaev. Composer, member of the Moscow Composers' Union, Honored Art Worker of Russia, fellow of the International Academy of Creativity, International Academy of Sciences, and National Academy of Social and Intellectual Technologies; international "Person of the Year": 1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97 (International Biographic Center, Cambridge, Great Britain); 1995 (American Biographic Institute - ABI); awarded with the ABI Diploma of Culture.
Mikhail Marutayev is known as a brilliant gifted composer and as a researcher, philosopher, and mathematician who put forward and is developing further an original theory of numerical harmony of the Universe.
Born on April 2, 1926 in Slavyansk City (Ukraine), in a doctor of medicine family.
Kept up music from 7-year age. At the age of nine, bore away the first prize on republican Olympiad in Kiev for performance of Haydn's sonata. Has begun to compose music at the age of ten. At the age of 14, cellist L. Rostropovich (father of Mstislav Rostropovich) noted his talent. Upon his recommendation, Mikhail Marutayev in 1940 entered a musical school at the Moscow conservatory. The war has interrupted his study in this school, which he terminated it in 1948. In the same year has was enrolled in the Moscow conservatory, which he has graduated from in 1954 (V. Shebalin class). In 1957, he graduated from a master class at the Moscow conservatory.
As the composer, M. Marutayev has attracted attention of musical public just with the First string quartet created as early as 1952. The quartet was performed for the first time in 1953 in a Small Hall of the Moscow Conservatory and had a great success. In 1954, he was enrolled as a member of the Union of the USSR composers.
Compsitions: Music of M. Marutayev is up-to-date, has a bright melodiousness and orderliness of the shape. The basic pieces of music: "Heroic Russia" (1980), oratorio in 9 parts for soloists, chorus and symphonic orchestra; "A Word of the Mother" (1954), cantata in 4 parts for mezzo-soprano, chorus and symphonic orchestra; Scherzo for a symphonic orchestra; the "Golden Magpie" Russian suite and Overture for symphonic orchestra; three string quartets (1952, 1957, 1982); Symphony in 4 parts; Concert for violin with and orchestra in 4 parts; Sonatina and Sonatas for piano; Sonatas for violin and piano; Preludes, Romances for piano and violin, music for children, for theatre, radio and TV, music for cinema, for example to films "Scarlet Shirleys of Issyk-Kul'", "An Ignoramus in Green City", "In Air "Yak" and..." (about the air designer Yakovlev), and many others, more than 20 films in total. Many compositions of M. Marutayev are brought into the golden fund of Russian Radio. His music is often performed by outstanding artists (Irina Arkhipova, Victor Pikaizen, Oleg Krysa, Alexandr Bakhchiev, known quartet ensembles, conductors Fedoseev, Zhuraitis, Sinaisky, Dudarova, Provotorov), and also by the author himself (piano). At musical schools and schools, children play music of M. Marutayev. Many products are issued, sometimes on some times. So, the Sonatina for a piano is published 4 times, the First and Second string quartets are published twice and are recorded by firm "Melody" in 1981 (Prokofyev-quartet ensemble).
Music of M. Marutayev is a success on any audience and has surprising viability. So, the Italian newspaper "Il Lavoro" wrote about the First quartet in 1981, i.e. in 29 years after its creation: "This piece... shows uncommon talent of the author". In 1995, the First quartet was performed with success on the "Moscow Autumn" festival, 43 years after its creation. The same can be said about other compositions of M. Marutayev. So, Irina Arkhipova says about the cantata "A Word of the Mother", which she sung in a Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory with the Bolshoi theatre orchestra and chorus under the baton of A. Zhuraitis (1956): "After three decades, we have repeated this cantata on radio with V.I. Fedoseev " (Irina Arkhipova, "A Muse of Mine", Moscow, 1992, p. 197). If such performer as Irina Arkhipova repeats the composition in thirty years, it explicitly confirms viability of music.
Music of M. Marutayev does not grow old with time! It is the highest criterion to be met by a composer. As a scientist, M. Marutayev is known in Russia and abroad. His scientific publications have attracted attention of the scientists and journalists. The laws of harmony discovered by him have allowed to find out the whole panorama of completely new facts pertaining to musical scales, compositions of many composers from Bach up to Shostakovich, disposition of elements in the Mendeleev table, arrangement of planets, biology, genetics, architecture, physics, mathematics, macro- and microcosm. The author turned to the problem of harmony from need to understand the rules, which a composer intuitively follows at the moments of musical creativity. Author's own creative activity and works of Galilei, Newton, Einstein, Planck, Pavlov, Plato, Kant, Hegel, and modern scientists Urmantsev and Feynman, helped him to formulate this problem. The problem has proved to be interdisciplinary, representing a new paradigm of knowledge. Any expert in this or that branch of knowledge could not formulate it, because the new is not classifiable in old frames.
Оprinted works: Scientific ideas of M. Marutayev were reported on domestic and international symposiums (Moscow, Leningrad, Brno, Budapest, Rome, etc.), in radio and TV broadcasts, and are explained in his printed works: "About Harmony as Regularity" in the book "Principle of Symmetry", "Nauka" Publ., Moscow, 1978, p. 363 - 395; "Harmony as Regularity of the Nature" in the book "Golden Section", Moscow, 1990, p. 130 - 233; "About Harmony of the World": "Problems of Philosophy", 1994, № 6, p. 71 - 81; "Harmony of the Universe": "Consciousness and Physical Reality", Moscow, 1997, vol. 2, № 4, p. 35 - 52, etc.
There exists a numerous press on music and scientific work of M. Marutayev in Russia and abroad (Paris, Madrid, Vienna). His works are often cited in scientific literature of different fields (philosophy, physics, mathematics, engineering, biological sciences).

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