Mikhail Marutaev
Composer and the scientist, Member of the Moscow Composers' Union,
Honored Art Worker of Russia.

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Harmony of The Universe - A Law of Intergrity

Михаил Марутаев

is hardly possible for a non - mathematician to
assimilate the thought that numerical characters
are of any cultural and aesthetic value
or somehow belong under such notions
as beauty, strength, inspiration.
N. Wiener.

Music is the joy of the soul,
that calculates,
without realizing itself.

The Harmony: an ancient enigma. I attempted to solve it, at least partially.

When analyzing the process of my own creative activity, I have come to the feeling that the structure of musical compositions is not accidental: it adheres to certain regularities that we apply by intuition. This fact, as well as some others taken from the field of music, has led the author to the problem of harmony long ago...

On a site you can familiarize with my creativity and discoveries in more detail.

I'll be glad to yours offers and to wishes.

Sincerely yours - Mikhail Marutaev
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